Create a Return Authorization

One of the most common ways to leverage Loop data is by creating a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) or Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN). This is often used in order to give a brand's warehouse team advance notice of incoming return packages, as well as automatically log return data in a tool such as a WMS.

Loop offers two main ways to receive return data: APIs and Webhooks.


There are two API endpoints commonly used in this situation:

  • The Advanced Shipping Notice endpoint
  • The Detailed Returns List endpoint

The main difference is that the Detailed Returns List includes more information about each line item in the return, such as tax/discount amounts, return reasons, and exchange details.


In addition to manual APIs, we also offer the ability to subscribe to Loop webhooks. The main benefit of using webhooks is that they allow your application to receive information from Loop without having to reach out to Loop via an API call.

Loop can send webhooks whenever a return is created/updated, as well as whenever a shipping label is created/updated.

Here's an example of a common webhook flow:



If using webhooks and you'd like to receive shipping label information (carrier, tracking #, etc.), we recommend using the Label Created trigger instead of Return Created**, as labels are generated after returns are created.