Deep Link to a Customer Order

In some situations, brands or partners may elect to deep link to a customer's order in Loop, without requiring them to submit their order number or zip code.

Common use cases for deep linking include:

  • Customer emails (e.g. order confirmation / order delivery)
  • Customer portal (e.g. order history, account overview pages)
  • Customer support / help desk automation
  • Product packaging (e.g. including a QR code in the insert that links directly to the return)

Loop offers two options in this scenario:

  • The Orders API (requires the brand's Loop store ID)
  • Via a dynamic URL, which can be generated using the following format: {returnportalURL}/?order={ordernumber}&zip={zipcode}


If a shop supports order lookup by email or phone, you can replace the zip query with email={email}, etc.

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