Deep Link to a Customer Order in the Return Portal

In some situations, brands or partners may elect to deep link to a customer's order in Loop, without requiring them to submit their order number or zip code.

Common use cases for deep linking include:

  • Customer emails (e.g. order confirmation / order delivery)
  • Customer portal (e.g. order history, account overview pages)
  • Customer support / help desk automation
  • Product packaging (e.g. including a QR code in the insert that links directly to the return)

Loop offers three options for deep linking:

  • The Deep Link API (requires the brand's Loop store ID)
  • The Partner (Third Party App) Deep Link API
  • A dynamic URL

The following sections go into detail on each option.

The Deep Link API

The Deep Link API supports creating deep links via the Generate Order Link endpoint. This option should be used if you have an API key, Shopify order name, and the shipping zip code associated with the order.

Partner (Third Party App) Deep Link API

The Partner Deep Link API is for Loop partners to deep link into many different Loop customer return portals. This API should be used if you are a partner with Loop who is building an integration to our platform. This method does not require individual merchant API keys. It also enables partners to deep link without needing the shipping zip code or the merchant's customer portal domain (which could be custom).

For full details on this API see the Deep Link Into Return Portal documentation.

Dynamic URL

If you know the customer return portal domain, order name, and shipping zip code you can simply construct a url with a couple query parameters and the customer will not have to input the order name or shipping zip code. The format of the URL is: https://{return_portal_domain}/?order={order_name}&zip={zip_code}


If a shop supports order lookup by email or phone, you can replace the zip query with email={email}, etc.