What's the difference between the ASN endpoint and the Detailed Returns List endpoint?

The main difference is that the Detailed Returns List includes more information about each line item in the return, such as tax/discount amounts, return reasons, and exchange details.

Can I send custom parameters through the Flag Return endpoint?

Currently, no. However, this functionality may be included in future API enhancements.

I'm getting an "unauthorized" error when making API calls even though I used my API key.

Loop's API keys use "scopes" to determine what actions a key is allowed to be used for. If a key does not have the appropriate scope assigned to it then even if the key is valid you will get a 401 unauthorized response. For example: if you are trying to use the Details List API and your API key does not have the "Returns" scope you will get an "unauthorized" response.

You can either make a new key with the required scope for your action or you can add the scope to your key in the Developer page of the admin. Keys can have multiple scopes.

More details on Loop's API scopes and what scopes are needed for what actions can be found in the documentation: API Key Scopes.

Can I edit a return using the API?

At this time returns cannot be edited after they are created. However, this functionality will be available in the near future.

Does Loop offer a way to schedule a chore for daily CSV extracts so we can populate your data into a tool like PowerBI?

We don't support an automated CSV file extract at the moment. You could, however, write a script to hit the detailed returns list endpoint daily, save that data to a CSV file, and feed it to whatever you process you need a CSV file for.

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