On-Store Exchanges

At Loop, we believe that a "return" does not have to mean a "refund." Instead, returns are an opportunity to help your customers discover a different product that they'll truly love. That's why exchanges are at the heart of the Loop experience.

Loop's Shop Now feature lets your customers exchange for any product in your catalog, right inside the Loop portal. For an even more cohesive experience, brands can enable Shop Now: On-Store to allow customers to shop directly on your website during an exchange.


What's available:

  • The easiest way to implement Shop Now: On-Store is to use our On-Store SDK
  • The Cart API allows you to customize the shopping experience even further

Once your customer has selected their exchange, they'll be redirected back to Loop to complete the transaction and finalize their return.


Shop Now: On Store is currently only available for brands with our Add-On: Integrations plan.