Giftcard Requested Webhook

If you are using a third party gift card provider, this webhook is triggered when a return with a store credit outcome is processed. This webhook is also triggered if you have configured Loop to automatically create a gift card when a new exchange item is out of stock.

Response HeaderDescription
X-Loop-SignatureHashed Webhook Secret Key

The X-Loop-Signature is a base-64, HMAC hash of body payload using the Webhook Secret provided by Loop.

Note: Before attempting to create your hash of the POST request body, make sure slashes have been escaped & newlines have been removed from the JSON.

topicWebhook type (giftcard)
triggerEvent that triggered the webhook (requested)
idLoop gift card ID, null in the case of auto out-of-stock gift cards
total_credit_issuedTotal gift card value
gift_card_subtotalGift card value minus taxes and bonus
gift_card_bonus_creditGift card bonus credit applied, "0.00" if no bonus applied
gift_card_taxGift card tax applied, "0.00" if no taxes applied
currencyCurrency of the gift card values
return_idLoop return ID
emailCustomer email address
first_nameCustomer first name
last_nameCustomer last name
external_order_idOrder ID from the eCommerce provider (Shopify)
external_order_nameOrder name from the eCommerce provider
external_order_numberOrder number from the eCommerce provider


  "topic": "giftcard",
  "trigger": "giftcard.requested",
  "id": 12345,
  "total_credit_issued": "23.50",
  "gift_card_subtotal": "25.00",
  "gift_card_bonus": "1.00",
  "gift_card_tax": "0.50",
  "currency": "USD",
  "return_id": 23456,
  "email": "[email protected]",
  "first_name": "Eliza",
  "last_name": "Strawberry",
  "external_order_id": 1234567890,
  "external_order_name": "#2234",
  "external_order_number": 1234,