Happy Returns Shipment Processed Webhook

Happy Returns Shipment Processed Webhook

This webhook is sent out when a shipment has been processed in Happy Returns and recorded in Loop.

Response HeaderDescription
X-Loop-SignatureHashed Webhook Secret Key

The X-Loop-Signature is a base-64, HMAC hash of body payload using the Webhook Secret provided by Loop.

Note: Before attempting to create your hash of the POST request body, make sure slashes have been escaped & newlines have been removed from the JSON.

topicWebhook type (happy.returns.shipment)
triggerEvent that triggered the webhook (shipment.processed)
loop_shipment_idLoop shipment id
happy_returns_shipment_idShipment Id from Happy Returns


  "topic": "happy.returns.shipment",
  "trigger": "shipment.processed",
  "loop_shipment_id": 123,
  "happy_returns_shipment_id": "67891"