Welcome to the Loop Returns API reference! Below you'll find a summary of our current API and webhook capabilities. Click on any of the links to learn more.


Webhooks are HTTP callbacks processed and sent by Loop to a pre-defined URL. They allow your application to receive information from Loop without having to reach out to Loop via an API call. You can manage your webhook subscriptions via our Programmatic Webhooks API.

Returns API

The Returns API is by far the most common API used by our brands and partners. Use the Returns API to generate RMAs and ASN reports, as well as process returns when they've been received.

Listings API

The Listings API is used to maintain a brand's blocklists and allowlists. Blocklists are used to prevent returns based on certain criteria, while allowlists are used to make certain exceptions to blocklist entries.

Cart API

The Cart API is specifically used for brands using our Shop Now On Store functionality. This feature enables customers to exchange a returned product for another product directly from your online store.

Programmatic Webhooks API

The Programmatic Webhooks API powers administration of webhook subscriptions. The API includes endpoints to create, read, update, and delete webhook subscriptions. The webhook subscriptions are the same as the ones in the Loop admin.