Label Webhook

This notification is sent when the Label topic is requested. For those that subscribe to this topic for more than one trigger event, the "trigger" property is included in the payload for reference.

Response HeaderDescription
X-Loop-SignatureHashed Webhook Secret Key

The X-Loop-Signature is a base-64, HMAC hash of body payload using the Webhook Secret provided by Loop.

Note: Before attempting to create your hash of the POST request body, make sure slashes have been escaped & newlines have been removed from the JSON.

topicWebhook type (return, label, restock)
triggerEvent that triggered the webhook (created, updated, requested)
return_idLoop return ID
order_idLoop order ID
provider_order_idShopify order ID
carrierName of carrier
tracking_numberThe tracking number for the shipment
label_statusStatus of the shipment according to EasyPost. N/A: no shipment status, pre_transit, in_transit, out_for_delivery, delivered, error, failure
label_updated_atDate and time (ISO 8601 format) when the last status update occurred


    "topic": "label",
    "trigger": "label.updated",
    "shop_id": "9876",
    "return_id": "12345",
    "order_id": "1234567890",
    "provider_order_id": 1029384756,
    "carrier": "USPS",
    "tracking_number": "28735625627856237856287",
    "label_status": "in_transit",
    "label_updated_at": "2019-04-01T12:00:00+00:00"