Use this endpoint to process return a return in Loop based on the return ID. Processing a return will archive it in Loop, and fulfill any remaining outcomes, such as placing exchange orders or creating gift cards.

Optionally, you may include a JSON payload in the request body. If you choose to do so Loop will add these values to any new Shopify orders that result from processing the return. For example, if the return includes an exchange when the return is processed Loop will create that exchange order, and these values will be added to the order as "Additional Details" Loop will also add a note to the return timeline with the values in the request body.


Process Error Codes

Returns must be in a processable state to successfully process. If your return is not in a processable state, your response will include an errors object with a corresponding message and error code.

If you would like to configure your flagged returns to process, please adjust the "Allow flagged returns to process" setting in your Loop Admin.

  "errors": {
    "message": "Return is open and therefore cannot be processed.",
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